Sharing the Joy of Saving

I am always thrilled when someone reads my new book, The Joy of $aving, but this week I was beyond thrilled while reading a review called “Money-Saving Lessons From a Depression-Era Dad” by Mia Taylor in the Cheapism blog.

Mia covers the top tips I learned from my wonderfully frugal father and my years as a consumer reporter. As I read the article, I felt like she encompassed the message of both my book and my father. Dad’s generation not only survived The Great Depression and World War II, but they thrived. The Greatest Generation, as they are often referred to, lived well within their means and created happy lives. We can do the same. Check out the article for some of the best tips from my book, that I hope will help all of us thrive as well. 

And in case you missed it, here’s another great article from Buzzfeed by Megan Liscomb on “10 Common Money Mistakes You Might Be Making without Realizing”. It’s another example of a writer who totally gets the book and hones in on some of the most important tips. Make sure to follow the Joy of Saving Community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can reach out at

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